Fall Favorites

It’s the first day of Fall! This is my favorite time of the year and today I’m rounding up some of my favorite Fall items for the home. All the images are linked to their source, just click and shop!


This scent is heavenly! I currently have the hand soap in my kitchen, but the candle would be nice to have too.



I think this cakelet pan is so adorable! I want it for Thanksgiving.


I just love this platter. I have one and I want seven more! It’s really versatile and can be used for decorating or serving food. I think they would be so pretty as chargers.


This throw is on my wishlist. It looks SO soft and anything with pom poms has my heart.


These pumpkin cloches are so pretty. And I love the fairy lights in them. They also look gorgeous with candles.


I just love the cozy look of buffalo check. So comfy and inviting!


Like I said… I have a thing for pom poms. And his pillow is on sale!


This antler doormat is so cute!


Pretty dish towels are always a good idea. I love the gold writing on these.


I’m loving these felt ball garlands lately. This is a great way to add a touch of fall color.

What are some of your favorite Fall finds?

My Favorite Set Designs

When I watch movies or TV, I always notice the set design first thing. In fact, I usually pay more attention to that than to the actual show I’m watching. And if I don’t like the set design, I have been known to stop watching. It’s just that big of a deal to me! Today I’m taking you on a tour of my favorite TV and movie sets.

  1. Regina’s Office from Once Upon a Time


I absolutely love the black and white color palette here, with the pops of dark red. That wallpaper just speaks to me. Visually, it’s an incredibly stunning space, and I get lost in it every time.

2. The Dunphy’s House on Modern Family


Their house looks so warm and inviting! I love the color choices throughout the house. It’s elegant but still playful and cozy.

3. Andrew’s Parents’ Home in The Proposal




The location these scenes were shot on is a dream by itself, but this home was lovely. It’s not my style at all, but it’s so rustic and cozy looking that it immediately won me over.

4. The Other Woman- Kate & Carly’s Homes

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Kate and Carly’s homes were both completely different styles but both were so well done. Each suited the owner’s personality perfectly. I love the clean simplicity of Carly’s apartment and the charm of Kate’s home.

5. Barbara Novak’s apartment in Down With Love



This set is so much fun! The bright pink womb chairs and all the best things about mid-century modern style combined with femininity are so perfect. Love!

6. The Dunne’s Home from Gone Girl



Let me first say, that this movie (and the book) is MESSED UP. It seriously creeps me out and I can’t think about it too much. Their relationship may be twisted, but the home Nick and Amy share is just beautiful.

7. Miranda’s Office at Runway on The Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada - Office Design


Image result for the devil wears prada set design


DWP film still

One of my favorite books and movies. I loved this office because of how bright it is, but I think one of my favorite details is the gallery wall. The different frames and matting sizes are a perfect blend. So well done!

8. The Father of the Bride House

Father of the Bride house-living rm

Father of the Bride kitchen-Diane Keaton

Father of the Bride house-dining room

This house is the epitome of 90’s style but it is so pretty to me! The color palette is so calm and serene throughout. I would love to live in this house. I think it’s such a classic.

And that concludes my tour! What are some of your favorite TV/Movie sets?

When Your Style’s Not Like Everyone Else’s

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in designing my own home, was not being true to my personal style. When my husband and I first moved in together, I had an idea in my mind of what the perfect home should look like. This was back in ’06, before the days of Pinterest, so the “perfect” style looked like the current design bloggers and model homes of that time. You may remember- there was A LOT of brown. I tried to imitate that “perfect look” and stressed when I couldn’t. But gradually I realized that my surroundings need to reflect ME and my family, not what someone else’s idea of perfect is. I started being more intentional about my decor after that.

Fast forward ten years later, and my home has become a more genuine reflection of who I am and what I like. (My husband has some say, too;). My style is not necessarily what’s popular or trendy right now, but it’s my style. It can sometimes be a challenge to feel confident in what my style is, especially when Instagram and Pinterest are saturated with images of farmhouse style and Fixer Upper inspired homes. I have an appreciation for those styles, and there are elements of them I love, but they’re not mine. Those styles do not reflect my likes and my personality. And although they’re beautiful and work well for lots of other people, it’s not an accurate representation of who I am.

My confidence in my style comes when I realize that I have something different to offer the world. A fresh, original perspective that is carefully considered in every detail. I do not have anything in my home that I don’t love.

If you need some direction in how to discover what your own, unique style is, here are some suggestions I can offer from personal experience:

  1. Utilize Pinterest and Houzz. Save images of homes and decor that speak to you. Then go through all of them and try to pinpoint what recurring themes/elements show up.
  2. Start paying attention to the way you react to colors and patterns. What resonates with you?
  3. Think about your personality and what aspects of it can be translated into your decor. Are you quirky? Minimalistic? Maybe a little dramatic?
  4. Incorporate any items that you attach positive memories or thoughts to. Don’t just display things for the sake of displaying them.
  5. Really think about the way you choose to represent yourself. Don’t just copy or imitate others, be yourself and be proud of it!

If you need some extra help, that’s what a designer is for! In addition to e-design and local design services, I’m excited to now be offering my Quick Consultation service. This option is great if you just need a little design advice. I can help you with space planning, color selection, furniture selection and much more! This service costs just $20 per question and can all be done through email. Contact me at sidney@kandgrayinteriors.com to get started.