My Favorite Set Designs

When I watch movies or TV, I always notice the set design first thing. In fact, I usually pay more attention to that than to the actual show I’m watching. And if I don’t like the set design, I have been known to stop watching. It’s just that big of a deal to me! Today I’m taking you on a tour of my favorite TV and movie sets.

  1. Regina’s Office from Once Upon a Time


I absolutely love the black and white color palette here, with the pops of dark red. That wallpaper just speaks to me. Visually, it’s an incredibly stunning space, and I get lost in it every time.

2. The Dunphy’s House on Modern Family


Their house looks so warm and inviting! I love the color choices throughout the house. It’s elegant but still playful and cozy.

3. Andrew’s Parents’ Home in The Proposal




The location these scenes were shot on is a dream by itself, but this home was lovely. It’s not my style at all, but it’s so rustic and cozy looking that it immediately won me over.

4. The Other Woman- Kate & Carly’s Homes

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Image result for the other woman set design

Kate and Carly’s homes were both completely different styles but both were so well done. Each suited the owner’s personality perfectly. I love the clean simplicity of Carly’s apartment and the charm of Kate’s home.

5. Barbara Novak’s apartment in Down With Love



This set is so much fun! The bright pink womb chairs and all the best things about mid-century modern style combined with femininity are so perfect. Love!

6. The Dunne’s Home from Gone Girl



Let me first say, that this movie (and the book) is MESSED UP. It seriously creeps me out and I can’t think about it too much. Their relationship may be twisted, but the home Nick and Amy share is just beautiful.

7. Miranda’s Office at Runway on The Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada - Office Design


Image result for the devil wears prada set design


DWP film still

One of my favorite books and movies. I loved this office because of how bright it is, but I think one of my favorite details is the gallery wall. The different frames and matting sizes are a perfect blend. So well done!

8. The Father of the Bride House

Father of the Bride house-living rm

Father of the Bride kitchen-Diane Keaton

Father of the Bride house-dining room

This house is the epitome of 90’s style but it is so pretty to me! The color palette is so calm and serene throughout. I would love to live in this house. I think it’s such a classic.

And that concludes my tour! What are some of your favorite TV/Movie sets?

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