How to Get Designer Pillows for Less

I love throw pillows. I have tubs of them in my basement and I love switching them out ALL. THE. TIME. Especially for holidays. It’s hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on them because 1. I switch them out so often, and 2. I don’t believe in spending a ton on accessories. Accessories are one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to change the look of a space, and since I do that so often, I choose not to invest a lot of money in them.

So today I want to share a little trick with you. This is how I get designer pillows for less:

I love Schumacher’s Imperial Trellis fabric. It’s classic and timeless and comes in a variety of colors. I’m a sucker for all things trellis, so it’s no surprise how much I love this fabric. This particular fabric costs over $100 a yard, sometimes closer to $200 a yard depending on where you find it. Obviously I needed a more cost effective option, so my secret is…….. One sided pillows!!

The backs of my¬†pillows are just a solid color fabric that matches the Imperial Trellis exactly. And it’s not even noticeable when they’re sitting on my couch! This way, I was able to get two pillows for the cost of one in my favorite fabric. Not bad, right?!

If you’re looking for a great place to buy designer pillows that isn’t to-the-trade, I suggest Etsy. You can find pretty much any size pillow in any fabric you want there. A lot of sellers give you the option of making the pillows one-sided or making the entire pillow in your fabric choice. OR, and are great places to find fabric if you want to make your own pillows. Trust me, making pillow covers is not as hard as it looks!